KV-2 Three Marked


Personal Blurb:
I feel the extra reload time is worth it if you're able to accurately aim, hit and pen your shots. The boost to accuracy (0.47), Pink IRM to help with soft stats and the little boost to aim time (3.26) outweighs the potential DPM gain of 292 (2.57s). What's the point of that faster reload if the KV-2 is just slinging shots down range only for them to bounce? Its frankly more than a little pointless.

Sadly, the KV-2's combat potential against tier 8s is gimped because of the HE changes. Its frankly better to avoid direct confrontations against tier 8s and go after the tier 7s or mediums instead – At least with those the 136 Premium AP is more reliable. Unless you're able to consistently outwit the enemy and outflank to get their sides or rear, the chip damage you'll be doing with HE rounds is what we'll have to be content with for now.

My opinion is the KV-2 demands players to be automatons if they want to perform reasonably well. We can never make mistakes with positioning otherwise that's an easy '0' damage game due to poor mobility, good game sense to always get a good angle for a shot, good concept of armor angling to make use of what little it has and incredible gunnery skills to accurately sling HE or AP into vulnerable weak spots.

I don't know about y'all, but I lost track of how many '0' damage games I got in the thing. I hope future markers have a better experience with it than I did – Cus boy howdy am I highly fallible fleshy meatbag…

Equipment: Purple Vents | Pink IAU | Pink IRM
Crew Skills: 7.54~
Consumables: Large Repair Kit | Large Med Kit | Extra Combat Rations + Vent Purge
Ammunition: 30 Premium | 0 Standard | 6 HE
Map Bans: Malinovka | Prokhorovka

Session Stats:
Battles: 80
DPG: 1,811.89
Assistance: 246.14
Survival Rate: 57.5%

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/orttza/kv2_three_marked/

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