Lab Testing EQ 2.0, part 2 (continued and refined)

The 2nd video (Rus) with the extended testing is out. Here's the summary of Part 1 (Eng).

Credit: Barabekus on Youtube (map guides, lab tests, hints etc. but in Russian).
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TL;DR? Follow this diagram; Summary? Scroll to the bottom; Details? Don't miss the summary!

V Stab is the must, then follow the diagram

The testing is extended with with a more realistic use cases:

  • On Heavy tank slowly pick out of the corner, shoot before waiting for aim to finish.
  • On Med tanks compare running full speed.

Heavy tanks: From the previous testing

Go full speed on Defender, stop and fully aim.

More realistic use case

Defenders picks out of the corner at 13 km/h, shoots before the full aim. Note the big difference at dispersion.

Medium tanks

T-44 aiming circle at the speed of 50 km/h. Note the comparable full aim time.

T-44 aiming circle at the speed of 22 km/h. IRM still better, but less noticeable.

IRM gives you extra rotation speed, Vent improves final dispersion and loading time. Though loading time is hardly noticeable for most of the tanks.

  • Start with VStab. Can't install VStab? Install IRM. IRM is better than Gun Laying Drive, don't buy them unless for some arties.0
  • This depends on your play style: Pickabooing or stop-shoot-going on HT, armored TD, slow armored MT with imprecise gun, i.e. shoot before full aim? Use VStab + IRM. Noticeably less dispersion on partial aim and you turn faster.
  • Snipers. Typically full aim, distant shots, glass TDs or MDs. Use VStab + Vent. Less dispersion on full aim, faster loading, comparable aim time.
    Check the numbers on your tank, all that is often negligible. Consider bounty/bonned Vent instead, or the other equipment. View range is the new meta according to many.
  • Optionally for snipers instead of Vent use Improved Aim. No data yet. Stay put for the upcoming tests.

I'll try to continue posting what I find if you think it's useful.

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