Leo 1 v Leo PTA / S. Conq v Conq

Title pretty much says it all.

The Leo PTA is better tier for tier from what I've read, but the Leo 1 is definitely a significant upgrade over the PTA, and is absolutely no slack. Pretty much just concerned about the T10 MM so I need advise/thoughts on that end of the spectrum.

Then as for the S. Conq v Conqueror, same deal, I heard that the S. Conq is overall just nicer and more pleasant to use/play, just need thoughts especially considering the T10 MM meta rn, along with all its gold spamming, I can't gauge if the armor holds up/ can hold its own.
If it's any worth my last time diving into T10 games was when the E5 meta was all the rage, and I abused the hell out of that, and fell in love with the E5

Now it's just sitting in the garage collecting dust (Shout-out to y'all who remembered and cherished the E5 Meta, good times)
As always, would appreciate answers/thoughts, stay safe y'all!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hcxjuf/leo_1_v_leo_pta_s_conq_v_conq/

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