Leopard 1 Bond Equipment setup ideas

I want to purchase a Bond Equipment Bundle (9000 Bonds) (Bond Vents + Bond Rammer; or Bond Vents + Bond V-stab).

A normal Leopard with regular equipment is usually equipped with: Vents, Rammer and V-stab.

The first Equipment slot in the Leopard is a Mobility Slot. So I equipped that slot with Vents, to get a small buff.

Now I want to buff my Leopard 1 with 2 Bond Equipment. And I've been thinking about what makes sense.

Build 1:
Improved Rotation Mechanism (mobility slot) + Bond Vents + Bond Rammer

Build 2:
Rammer + Bond Vents + Bond V-stab

I'm leaning towards doing Build 1 and not equip a V-Stab. I think the IRM (in a mobility slot) + Bond Vents will boost the Gun Handling enough to not equip a V-stab. Especially with full Field Mods.

Also the second slot (with Field Mods) can be Scouting or Survivability. And I don't really see any point in Optics (base view range is 410). Maybe Improved Hardening, but it doesn't fit my playstyle.

I'm curious to hear any opinions on this.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ui92zi/leopard_1_bond_equipment_setup_ideas/

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