Leopard 1 Line & Grind: Open Discussion

Howdy! So I've been in this hell hole of a game for almost 8 years now; and its amazing how it took me this long to start going through the German line.

Nevertheless though, I did, and right now I'm currently at the VK 30.02 M and not particularly loving it (the accuracy is failing me too much, not a fan.) I'm a few days away from getting to the VK 30.02 D. And I need tips, hence the open discussion type of post.

For context; I love playing support consistent damage dealer tanks (still struggling af to 3 mark the Charioteer but with a consistent excellent performance & WR so yeah) loved the M46 Patton playstyle of a DPM damage dealing monster with 390 alpha so there's that.

Maybe any of you guys have tips for grinding through the Indien Pz. & grinding the Leo PTA stock. Idk if I should start to retrain my crew with concealment upon getting to the Indien Pz, or just stick with repairs. And maybe you guys can recommend equipment to use in both the Indien Pz. & Leo PTA and potentially some future crew skills?

Like whether to train a specialized crew skill after getting the standard camo/BIA or repair /BIA with the crew or to train them to have a complete camo/repair/BIA skillset and wait till the 4th skill to start training specialized skills.

Lastly maybe somebody could comment as to whether to stick with the Leo PTA after grinding it, or whether its worth getting the Leo 1 afterwards; especially given how shit the T10 MM is rn. So yeah open discussion.
Would appreciate answers, thanks y'all; stay safe!

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