Lets talk about balance. Warning: Long post

Hi everybody, lets talk about the balance, how would you balance the game, discuss it, and so on. Ill present my opinions on how would i balance the game divided into parts so it wouldnt be extremely Long. Feel free to tell me your opinions on my balancing ideas. This series of text Will contain:

1) intro
2) ammunition balances
3) vehicle balances
3.1) few exact vehicles
3.2) artillery
3.3) wheeled vehicles
4) maps
5) balancing some op premiums
6) overall monetization of the game


Hey everybody, i got quite bored in work today, and thought about the tanks.. I started playing in 2013 and stopped almost one year ago, tho not completely, about once in two months i played like 10 battles with my friends. Ive beel watching all the changes in the game and the recently revealed italian heavys is what got me to play the game again to get ready for the grind. Ive noticed some things i Dont like about the game. Thats enough about me, because its the message that matters, not the messenger, so lets get into it.

Notice: I DO realize that these changes would take a lot of time to create and some minor tweaks (for example in personal missions and peraonal score) to work Fine with the game


Gold ammo – in my opinion its a thing that should be purely situational. Since WG gave us the ability to buy premium ammo for silver, the high tier gameplay turned into a goldspam dodgeball, basically if you want to survive, Dont get hit, because with 90% of players shooting Gold, you wont be able to bounce shots. Heavy tanks became a huge meatball with a gun, and the meta has evolved into Quick moving, high dpm goldspamming tanks rendering armor in the game absolutely irrelevant. I would change that by nerfing Gold rounds damage. Im currently thinking about two ways of doing this, both including Gold ammo cap of 25% of shells in tank (example: 40 shells capacity tanks could carry maximum of 10 Gold rounds) – one way would be percentual damage nerf, lets say that Gold would deal 30% less damage. The second one, to avoid odd numbers, would be nerfing the damage to be equal to normal ammo damage of lower caliber gun, in tier 10 for example like this:

Jg.E100 – 1050 lowered to 750,
All 750 damage Guns lowered to 560,
560 damage guns lowered to 440,
490 damage guns lowered to 400,
440 damage guns lowered to 360,
Leo 1 – 420 lowered to 320,
400 damage guns lowered to 300,
390 damage guns lowered to 280,
360 damage guns lowered to 250,
320 damage guns lowered to 230,

Out of these two i would still prefer the percentual nerf, because i think that the second option would put some tanks in disadvantage, But with some work put into that, it May turn out to be fair and easier for the developers to use already existing numbers instead of using calculator to every individual gun.

And of course, with Gold ammo nerf, There would have to be rework of armored tanks to actually have frontal weakspots. (yes, im talking about you, chieftain, type5, 279e, 430U and so on)

Thats for the First part, next part – vehicle balances – Will be coming out (or not coming out) depending on the reactions, because if this is going to be read by 4 People, then theres practically no reason to do the other parts.
So have a good Times on the battlefield, and for now,

EDIT: spelling, also format change, because reddit re-formated my post

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