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So let me start by saying, I've played this game for the better half of 10 years. Really heavily invested time and (what little I had initially as a teenager) money into this game when I first started.

This was a totally new type of game that I had never played before. Up to that point in my life I had played nothing but shooters and RTS games (mostly the God Tier game Company of Heroes). So naturally not really understanding the core mechanics of the game and just playing to have fun, which lead to my stats looking like a hot sack of unwashed assholes. Then took about a 4 to 5 year break, with sporadic bouts of gameplay when a wild hair crawled up my ass. Recently, about a year/or two ago I started to REALLY grind this game out. Started with just an E100 (my first T10 ever, and at the time it was a total blast before power creep) to now owning just over half of all the T10s in the game (Tech tree) and most of the reward T9's/10s.

This is where the discussion starts now that you know at least a tiny bit about my background related to this subject/the game. I started as a 45.xx% W/L and 650 WIN8 as of 2 year ago. Crawling my way to where I'm at currently which is 1400~ WIN8 over all with my last 1000 battles being 2200 roughly WIN8 and 55% win rate. My overall W/L is 49.something or another % and PR is 6100 or so.

Now please don't miss understand, I'm still hot garbage. I'm not some MLG pro Skill4ltu player who can carry 70%+ of all my games. Just an avid gamer who enjoys the competitive nature of the game. BUT… This game is marketed as a competitive tank based combat game. With everything related to MoE, Leaderboards, Clan wars, Ranked battles and WIN8 this game is at its core, a COMPETITIVE game. So, why is it, that after ALL these years, we (WG, not the community) still haven't been able to figure out a ELO/MMR/Half Decent MM system to implement into the game.

Now I'm not saying we need to make this game only for the sweaties and only the pro players should have yata yata yata, but I'm sure all of you, from the 100 WIN8 to the 50000000 WIN8 players would thoroughly enjoy, an even and fair match that tests not only to mettle but also your ability to adapt and change to how the enemy decides to attack. Too many time's I've seen some pretty nargly stacked teams, I'm talking 2 or 3 Unicums and other decent players VS a team of MOSTLY tomatos and clearly casual players. Who is this fun for? I would imagine not even the Unicums enjoy just being able to walk through a team with little to no resistance and the tomatos/casuals don't enjoy totally one sided games (15-0 simulators).

How can we fix this? There isn't a single solution to this issue, I know it's a multilayered problem that would honestly take a lot of input not only from the community but also WG being open and honest about how they plan to tackle this issue. But let's try, as a community to maybe start making a list of things WE think might be a way to tackle this massive imbalance in the teams.

Skill based match making, NOT tank based match making: During peak hour the NA server (Sorry I'm a NA scrub lord) there are roughly speaking 10k+ avg players online. Granted this is spread out through Tier 1 – 10. Instead of matching Maus to Maus/Type 5/E100/705A we match a Maus (1400 WIN8) to a T110E5 (1400 WIN8). Now I know what most of y'all are going to say "bUt ThE hIt PoInTs" and I'll counter that with, who gives a rats ass? The E5 is a fairly decent player, average and knows he won't stand a chance in a head to head fight with a Maus. He will have to either be supported by his team mates or push a different flank. No one wants to sit there and have a side scraping battle with a Maus or E100 or Obj. 705A it turns into either "whos going to fuck up first and get inpatient" or "wHy ArN't ThE MeDs PuShInG hallllllllp" it turns into a stalemate gold spamming fiasco. This way, if we match peoples MMR/Elo/WIN8 the flow of battle will be a completely sporadic thing. No two matches will be the same.

This was just a spur of the moment post I decided to type out, my thoughts throughout this whole thing were kind of thrown all over the place (I tried to wrangle them in) and to some it might make perfect sense and to others it will be uncomprehend able jibber jabber. Please let's have an open and honest discussion about this topic. Not a "hur hur git gud pub stomp fun" or "reward tanks broken reeeeeee Chieftan/279(e)"

If this blows up I'll try to respond to the majority of the comments with my own thoughts. Thank you and lets try to take the game in a better direction.

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