Light tank mission help – spot 6 enemies while being unspotted.

I thought this mission won't be hard but I'm stuck on it for a long time. It's been biting me in the ass because all the time there are 2-4 lights on each team and some of them are usual suicidal wheelies which often foil my passive scouting (which seems to be dead). That and light tanks really aren't something I enjoy playing but hey campain missions.

So I'd like to ask what are some of the best tanks for this, what maps and where to go? Last time I actively payed light tanks for scouting tier 8 was the higest you could be.

So far I've been trying with Type 64 and Lt-432 for the most part and sometimes Spahpanzer (but I so hate this tank) because I'm progressing to tier 10. What would be the best options for equipment on these?

On type 64 I have 37.43 camo and 475m view range + binos to pump it on 546m.

On LT-432 I have 39.4 camo and 477m view range with the commander vision system for reducing enemy camo and bush.


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