Light tanker tips, get more from the most fun class in the game.

Light tanker tips:

If you have a 42%wr and 4.44% survival rate in a Type 64, you know who you are.. then this guide is for you.

#1 don't rush the map at full speed and die in the first 20seconds

Why not? because, for one your arty probably hasn't even loaded their first shell yet, TD's camo and binocs haven't even engaged, nobody can take advantage of your pointless play.

#2 you're really useful late game when the idiots from #1 have all died and you're the last LT, guess what you've just become OP.

#3 avoid frontal confrontations in HT corridors. Flank the enemy, it isn't that hard!!

#4 use bushes, stay behind the bush, not in the bust, not at the side, not with your front plate sticking out the bush. Pray the bush is real 🙂

#5 Check the mini map all the time.

#6 don't go for a 2v1 you won't win, unless exceptional circumstances.

#7 There's always a TD in those bushes behind your prey

#8 learn NOT to fire, if you have spotted a bunch of tanks AND your team is in place to take them down, just soak in the spotting damage, you are shutting them down without clicking

#9 LT's need decent crew skills more than other types. 6th sense / camo / situational awareness, maximize view range and stealth.

#10 Don't listen to idiots, once you know what you are doing, don't let other players push you in to hero moves, instead watch them as they are first to die.

#11 Generally don't cap the base first, especially in encounter maps, take an advantageous position and watch over the cap zone. Racking up damage on noobs who sit in it.

Think for a minute (yes in general, when you're eating your cereal too) what does capping the base early do? First it tells the enemy where you are, second it sets an annoying siren off in 15 other players speakers.

They now all have a common goal, yes this no skill noob train that thinks teamwork is someone watching them eat an ice cream, all have a common purpose and are focused on you, they will all abandon their lemming trains and hero moves and sweep the cap zone, wiping out everyone in it. They then will start capping themselves, if you are lucky you have enough tanks left and your team can do the same, but usually in my experience first to cap, first to garage.

#12 you have massive power as an LT, just watch that crippled kv1 crawling on their spine out in the open, they can't even see you, shut them down and win the round, don't rush toward them blowing your cover.

#13 Look up utubers who know the game, taugrim for ex, learn from people who have the stats that you could only dream of (at the moment 🙂

#14 Learn to see the wall, there's an invisible wall in WOT, if you cross it early you get rekt, if you stay just on the edge of it spotting back the enemy with vision control you win.

This applies to LT's Tier IV to VI, this seems to be the sweet spot for stealth gaming in WOT, and I don't have much xp beyond T6, as I'm a noob. I fail at some of my own rules too.

Good luck tankers!

For ref I have:

Luchs 55% wr + ace, 700 battles

Pz 38t nA 60% wr + ace, 200 battles

M5A1 Stuart 59% wr + ace, 85 battles

AMX ELC Bis 54% wr + ace tanker + 1 moe, in 57 battles

T-50-2 55% wr + ace tanker + 1 moe in 104 battles + 1 kolobanov's

Type 64 70% wr (only 20 battles don't know this tank yet) but recommended as a light / med hybrid


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