List of premium tanks by priority

Hello, since wg has sold many good tanks recently, id like to make a little guide and priority list for them.

  1. Progetto 46 – Really good tank, both useful in skirmishes and randoms

  2. Ebr 75 (optional) – best tier 8 light tank, very useful. Only buy it if you know how to play lights.

  3. Bourrasque – this one is op tank in randoms because of good camo, speed, high burst damage. The thing is you need to have skill to be good in it. Id say this one is the strongest premium tank for randoms.

  4. Skoda T56 – 1k in just 2 seconds, nothing more to add. Both good in randoms and skirmishes

  5. Obj 703 – has 2 shots in the clip, good armor. However, better players might know how to penetrate the tank.

  6. LT432 – very good light, good gun, fast reload.

  7. Kpz 07 – very fast reload, nice HE shells against tanks with weak armor.

  8. Renegade – good mobility, gun. The problem is cupola.

Other tanks worth mentioning – Cs52 lis, t44100, defender, 50tp prototype, e75 ts.


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