Listen up, stop complaining

All right, I've heard so much of this bullshit like giving the best players the best tanks is dumb and I'm sick of it. Multiple times we've had an obj 279e or a Chieftan and well lost. Plus, how else are you going to reward good players? Give them shit tanks? They're not going to play them. Furthermore, shit like Progetto 65 isn't op, shut the fuck up about that as well. Right now, Progetto is a B U S H W A N K E R. The first time I played it on common test, 5k damage by sitting in a Bush's and autoaiming ebrs. Furthermore, quit fucking about wargaming not buffing many tanks. Listen, you don't know what's going on in WG HQ, all right? You don't know what they are doing there and maybe they found out that if they make everything balanced, games will be boring, and they will be. Cuz if they're balanced, there'll be no variation. And about the nerfs, obj 430U is at least a start. Lastly, shut the fuck up about wheeled tanks. Only ebr 90 is the best tier 4 tier, bcos of its reverse speed. Ebr 105 is a joke compared to ebr 90. Nerf the Ebr 90, not the whole fucking tree, dumbasses. And artillery seems to be forgotten with its fucked up stun mechanics that stun and disable the fuck out of anyone. Nerf arty first


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