Looking for equipment recommendations for the E5 & S. Conq

Hi people,

I've been playing both tanks a lot, with the E5 having been my first tier X, with equipment 2.0 I've kinda been struggling to make my mind up as to what exactly is the best loadout for these tanks and I wanted to know what you guys are doing? My current setups are as follows:

T110E5 (my pimp tank):

– 6 skill crew

– Bounty Rammer

– Bounty Vents

– Bounty Stab

– Cola

6.70 sec reload, I decided to make this the more DPM & all round focused tank because of its already high stats in all other areas.

Super Conqueror:

– 5 skill crew

– Bounty Rammer

– Turbocharger

– Stab

7.14 sec reload, this tank was kinda made to have similar stats to the E5, but be the more heavily armoured one.

I'm quite happy with the E5 setup but I know both setups can still be played with, I could drop the Bounty Stab on the E5 for a Turbo to make it excel in mobility, and then drop the Turbo and Stab on the S. Conq for Improved Hardening and Bounty Stab to truly make it a heavy gun handling monster, since it has slightly better gun values.

What are your thoughts/your current setups?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/ljoqhw/looking_for_equipment_recommendations_for_the_e5/

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