Looking for some new lines to grind

So I just started playing WoT again after a ~8 month break, I just finished grinding the EBR 105 line (I actually realized that I dont like it that much) and I am looking for some new line to grind, I really like my AMX 30, I actually thought about getting the 30B, is it really that bad? I tried to play object 430, but I dont think it fits my playstyle that much.

I was thinking about getting leopard 1 or the stb, I know that leo is pretty bad in current meta, but it feels like it is the perfect tank for me. I dont know much about STB since they added siege mode for it, I know it was considered bad back then. M48 Patton also looks like it could be good for me.

I am also open to suggestions from you, I think I am a fairly skilled player (13k battles, 2500+ wn8), I like quick tanks that can deal a lot of damage and I dont mind having no armor at all.

So I guess my questions are:
How is STB now?
Is STB and leopard playstyle comparable to AMX 30?
Which grind is better? Especially tier 8/9, since I know I wont be playing lower tiers.
Is amx 30b any good?

I would love to hear your opinion about the tanks I listed above, or any other tips/suggestions ;), they will be greatly appreciated!

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