Lorr. 40t or Bourrasque? (French Auto-Loader Advice)

I plan on going down the auto-loading french heavy/medium/light lines along with the TVP so I was wondering which of the 2 tanks would be best for learning the auto-loading play style. The 40t seems more in line with what these lines would play like but from what I know the Bourrasque is the better tank. I have a personal affinity towards the 40t because I remember when it was at tier 9 and it just gives me a nostalgia factor I enjoy. The bourrasque is definitely the more meta tank in the games current climate. The quick 720 burst you can put into tanks is really good instead of having to take 6 seconds to unload your clip. I enjoy playing more obscure/underrated tanks (121, 113, K-91) and I remember how the bat. chat was one of the better tier 10 mediums but now I rarely even see them. I'm not really sure why they fell out of favor so if somebody could explain that to me a bit that would be helpful. If you guys who have played both tanks (or auto-loaders in general) could give me some advice on which tank would be better and how to play auto-loaders that would be greatly appreciated. Also I would say I'm an above average player if that matters in the decision at all.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/iggvs6/lorr_40t_or_bourrasque_french_autoloader_advice/

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