Low Rolling way too often in IS 3 II – top specs

Did anyone else notice extremely high chance of low rolling using the top gun of " Average 390 " on IS 3 II ? I've got 72 Battles in it and most of the time i survive long enough to do around 10 SHOTS , most often , to be more precisely around 70% of my shots are under THE AVERAGE OF 390 , the TRUE value being in fact 340 . I can't be that unlucky in 72 battles to under roll that many shots , can i ? The rest of 3 Shots is consisted in 2 high rolls of +10-15% , and 1 AVERAGE of 385-395.

I'd like to hear your opinion and maybe u've noticed the same weird Under Roll Train , maybe there is a bug in the coding of the game for that specific weapon . I had way more AVERAGE Shots with the STOCK Gun

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/len6ez/low_rolling_way_too_often_in_is_3_ii_top_specs/

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