Low tier games can actually be quite fun.

Started on the Chinese Meds today which means grinding enough XP on the Type 58 to unlock the T-34-1. Of course this means I'm playing against tiers 5 – 8 which for me is low tiers as I'm usually playing tier 8 – 10 tanks.

I just have to say, today's gaming experience was fun, and quite insane at times. Like a tier 5-7 game on Siegfried Line where the enemy just kept charging through the city in waves. A few of us were running around like mad men plugging holes and supporting teammates without ay time to breathe let alone think, it was madness, simply madness. It all culminated with the enemy M12 barrelling through the streets trying to shotgun whatever he could find.

Again on Airfield, enemy keeps pushing different parts of the line and again players sliding across to plug holes and support teammates, another fast and very intense game.

This is not highly skilled gameplay, mistakes were being made but aside from one or two gripes most of the players (on my team at least) were having a blast. At the start of the Airfield game one of our players said they were on an 11 game losing streak. I mentioned I had won 11 from 13 today (more as encouragement for him) and another player said "it's going to be 12 from 14 because we're going to win this game".

And we did, we won a hard fought but fun game and our guy finally broke his 11 game losing streak (which he was very happy about).

Look, today was a really good day for me in WoT, they don't come that often so today felt kind of special and it was a pleasure playing with teammates that didn't get toxic and appeared to be having as much fun as I was. Lower tiers seem to be just that little bit friendlier, possibly because there's less pressure to perform. So if you're having a bad day in tiers 8 – 10 have a couple games at low tiers and see how you go.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/n3mzwx/low_tier_games_can_actually_be_quite_fun/

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