Lowe vs renegade?

Looking for a prem heavy exclusively for credit farming. 703 isn’t in the shop and I’m wondering which one is a better pick. Thoughts?

Edit: Contrary to what some of you have said, i got the Lowe and I really like it so far.

Yes it’s a bit slow but it’s the first time I’m experiencing a gun this reliable. Almost any shot I decide to take is a hit and a pen. Most games my shots to pen is like 11/9 which is so good. Sure the reload is slow but it racks up damage consistently unlike my other prems where I miss shots and thereby waste damage opportunities.

And the turret is so good wow. I’ve been bouncing scorpion and Isus with it’s turret and the depression is perfect as well.

The only crappy thing is the module damage but I just put the modified configuration on it. Let’s see how it plays now.

And coming to credits, it’s definitely great. Feels a bit more than my other prems as well like the proj and skorp. For instance I do 3500 damage in my skorp and net is like 70k on prem account. Whereas with Lowe, I’ve been getting 65k net after just 2k damage. I think this might be because of the extra credits from spotting my own targets but that should then apply to the proj too but no. This thing definitely makes credits nice.

I’m satisfied 🙂

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