Making the most out of Chucks discounts on tanks – Tier IV

As with the previous years, there are massive discounts on tech tree tanks that can be applied on tier II through X tanks of your choice!

Up to and including tier VI those discounts are above 50%, meaning you can apply the discount, buy the tank and sell it off again for a small profit.

If you are like me and already have played most tanks in the lower tiers and do not intend to keep them, you should apply the discount on the most expensive tank in the tier to make the most credits from them.

This year the discounts are locked behind completing daily missions and today is the day you could unlock the dicount for any tier IV tank.

Here's todays price list of tier IV tanks above 140.000 cr. (collectors vehicles can't be discounted):

185.000 cr. – B1 (FR)

155.000 cr – Luchs (GER)

151.000 cr. – ST vz. 39 (CZ)

148.000 cr. – P26/40 (IT)

147.500 cr. – AMX 40 (FR)

143.000 cr. – M5 (USA), M5 (C)

141.000 cr. – Cruiser IV (GB)

140.000 cr. – Matilda (GB), Lago (S)

In short: apply the 100% discount on the french B1 to receive 92.500 free credits.

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Tier II


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