Manticore is FUN

I know what you're going to say : Shitcore is trash and yeah that's right, it's not the best tank, very far from it actually. But, I love it. The gun, while it has low dpm, has functional dpm. You can fire, get into cover reload and come back and you'll be sure you won't be spotted anymore. The gun is very accurate and reliable making the 20 rounds playable (still not enough but not as bad as we might think). It's size and camo rating are just insane and you can outplay most of the other light tanks if you do the things right. It's a class appart. You shouldn't play it like a regular light tank, trying to counter other lights or whatever. No, use your amazing gun and the awesome camo and this tank is actually quite fun to play. It could use some improvements though : the gun elevation is a joke, the ammo count is playable but still quite low if you take risky shots and I would increase the alpha damage a bit. Other than that the tank is fun and I like the looks of it. What do you think about the infamous shitcore and how would you buff it?


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