Maybe Wargaming should go in a different direction with SPG changes.

I’ve always thought that simply simulating the true characteristics of arty would be a much more sensible direction. Like how old arty was in the old days except with even more damage and even worse accuracy and so on.

i.e. a direct hit, even non penetrating, from any of the big artys (caliber > 200mm) would be a guaranteed one shot for Tier X vehicles, except maybe anything over 100 tons or if they have a super heavy spall liner. And to more than compensate simply give them realistic reload, aim time, dispersion, etc.

Much like how a 200mm+ HE round would behave in real life. Arty players would have to be much more strategic on where to shoot at.

For example, a bad boy like the GW Tiger or T92 could get off 4 shots in a game, maybe max 5 shots with the best setup, and they could oneshot almost anything with a direct hit, and even one shot, with splash damage from a near miss, light tanks or paper medium tanks hiding behind cover.

What would make arty uniquely valuable is that the other stats would be so bad no T92 player ever risk, for example, taking a shot off on a medium tank on the move until they are the last tank left. This would dramatically change the current camping paradigm as there would practically would be no safe cover against high tier arty and thus incentivize more dynamic play.

A concrete example of the new incentives: a tank moving at a decent speed has nothing to fear about a direct hit. (Though a close splash would still be feared) And a platoon of 3 Chieftains would never dream of bunching up in one spot, as a single well placed shot could almost one shot all three. But if they spread out could likely goad out at least one wasted shell out of the few the enemy team has.

This would reestablish the paradigm of SPGs countering TDs which counter Heavies which counter Mediums which counter Lights which counter SPGs.

Any thoughts?


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