Mind Boggled

So, a battle on Himmelsdorf, encounter mode. I'm in my AMX AC mle. 48. We had an IS-7 who went to the cap at the start. I was playing that area shooting up at the castle. As the battle progresses, the IS-7 is gathering cap points by sitting in the cap circle by the little building. He keeps getting reset though because he won't use the building as cover. A SU-130 PM reset him three times by shooting him in the side as the battle was closing out, meanwhile I had moved in to get capturing as well, as at one point it appeared we might lose. So I messaged him post game, to find out if he indeed was trying to cap, or if he was merely attempting to put pressure on the enemy but didn't care if we capped or not. He had 56k battles too, didin't learn much from them apparently…


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/eesx8p/mind_boggled/

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