Mirny is infuriating.

The three things that really fuck me off are the fact that one, you can't repair damaged modules. This really pisses me off. Repair time on hornet turret (which always gets hit) is around 16 seconds and on top of that, it only gets a partial repair until the next stage. And even then on the next stage 100%hp recovery isn't guranteed.

Two, team mates are generally clueless clowns. I've seen them rush immortal on second stage, i've seen them carry around 300 pieces of Mirium when the magnus only needs 200 or something and they go off chasing more bots to killl, i've seen them drive off cliffs, it's comical.

Three, having enemies spawn at Magnus is a pisstake. You can fight really hard being out numbered and outgunned, but it's okay, you managed to get out alive, all you need to do is velive…. OH FUCK ANOTHER 5 TANKS JUST SPAWNED.

Oh and the rewards are toilet too. With waffentrager, even if you had a terrible bot team, you'd still pull some half decent credits in even for a loss.

Annoying af.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qhnn2s/mirny_is_infuriating/

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