Mirny:Hope Guide (After 2 hours of gameplay)

Since as everyone is going to be playing this gamemode for the next 2 weeks, I decided to put up a guide in a similar fashion to what I did for the waffentrager event. Anyways, here's what I recommend:

– STAY TOGETHER!!! I cannot stress this enough, while in low risk, it is alright to split off from the main group, doing this in medium and high risk is suicidal. At least bring someone else with you.

– Communicate where you are going, this tells everyone where you are going and hopefully, the team follows you. If not, then follow them.

– As soon as you see the Immortal, RUN! The same game mechanics from before still apply, and if you get too close to it, your Mirium will burn and then you will burn.

[Side Note] You see that bar above the minimap? If it gets bigger, you better start running because more often than not, it’s the Immortal and it’s coming right for your ass.

– Don't be an idiot like me and fully loadout your tank. I recommend that you use Emergency Kit, as it will not only heal you but also your allies, very handy if you spot a teammate on low HP. As for the two other consumables, use whatever you want.

– Especially for heavy tanks like the Double, use your turbo when you are ramming an enemy. The Double can reach up to +70km/h with it active and will allow you to do significant damage, if not outright destroy the enemy.

As for fighting the Immortal in phase 4, I don't have any tips other than to outrun and circle it. You should also keep in mind that it has TWO lives, and with 6 mins to kill the darn thing, you should be aiming for at most 3 mins to take out one life.

If you have any other tips and what not, please put it down in the comments and I'll update this post as well as add credits. Have fun!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/qhgv00/mirnyhope_guide_after_2_hours_of_gameplay/

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