Mission HT-12 is mostly luck

This is mostly just me venting because the game is frustrating me to the point of rage quitting almost daily now.

What annoys me is that I can complete every other mission types (MT, LT, TD, and SPG) with honours without even paying attention. But for the past year I’ve been grinding the Maus tree, specifically to complete this mission and for the life of me I cannot complete it with honours.

I’m finding the same issues that others have previously pointed out. If people can’t pen you they spam the two key. If they still can’t pen you they switch to HE or just stop shooting.

It’s my opinion that HT-12 needs to be nerfed. I shouldn’t be able to complete the entire SPG mission set within ~100 battles inside a single SPG, meanwhile I’ve pissed away hundreds upon hundreds of battles in every heavy tank I own to still be stuck on fricken HT-12 a year later!

Really WG, does this mission have to be 100x more difficult and/or illusive than the others.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/j8t1d8/mission_ht12_is_mostly_luck/

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