Misuse of the word Bot

I see people use "bot" or "botting" to mean that someone is just bad. I get it, just like an ai opponent would be easy to beat. What I don't understand is them using "bot" to describe what is clearly a real player, or "botting" to describe the actions of a real player. (I dont mean to just harass a player for being bad either, they'll talk amongst themselves using bot this way) Even if the player responds in chat and makes clearly makes human errors, people still say "report for botting". Do they think if you're bad WG will ban you? Do they think bot stands for something other than other than "robot"?

From the way people use the word its almost like they think bot stands for bottom, like bottom tier gameplay. I grew up playing the first online games as they dealt with the first bots, and I can say I've never seen a playerbase use the word like the WoT playerbase (excluding use of "bot" like "noob", that happens all the time)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/uowzko/misuse_of_the_word_bot/

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