Mixed Feelings about the HE tests

And looking to get a couple other’s opinions.

I’ve only ran a few battles, and I’ve been mostly focusing on tanks like the Type 5 (everyone in the test server is playing tier X’s, so I chose one that has a “derp gun” as one of its cannons), so keep in mind that I haven’t exactly ran the new tests into the dirt, but I have a couple concerns already, and I’ll list them out below.

  1. HE doesn’t really feel powerful enough. I understand the point of the test is to stop HE spam against the hull of heavily armored vehicles, but I was doing as low as 80 damage per shot with a gun which is intended in-game to fire HE shells

  2. Because of the above, and again I’ve only ran a few different tanks, with the Type 5 being my most ran and we all know it’s not a great tank because gold ammo and TDs exist, but I did feel at an automatic disadvantage against any tank that wasn’t running HE shells only (and I found quite a few firing HEAT.) I don’t think “gold spam” is a problem in the game itself, but I do feel like it is gonna be a LOT harder for “derp guns” to keep up unless they, too, are firing gold.

  3. Despite all this, in an environment where almost everyone was spamming HE, the test is actually kinda fun. When everyone is testing the HE, it kinda feels like you’re taking no damage, and it’s kinda fun to sit there for a while just reading shots with another heavy tank and relying on teammates to get the kill while you absorb damage.

  4. According to the notes, HE shot at the ground and buildings won’t splash damage tanks anymore, which I think is both logical and dumb at the same time, since against some tanks like a Maus, splashing HE at the floor of the tank would be the most effective way to fight now that you can’t splash the roof off the turret anymore.

Overall, I do enjoy how two heavies can just ping each other forever with HE and do almost no damage, but I’m also afraid that slow tanks that fire HE are going to be at a massive disadvantage since they don’t have the maneuverability to find a less-armored target to hit.

Once again, to put extra emphasis on it, I’ve only played like 8 battles on the sandbox, this is my “first impression.” And I’m not even a very good player, consider this the “average idiot’s first impression.”

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lflwie/mixed_feelings_about_the_he_tests/

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