More than artillery every did, EBRs are killing my motivation to play high tiers

I know this is part of Wargaming's shitty business model.

Release a broken line, wait for most players to invest premium time/convert free-XP and then finally kinda balance it.

But tiers 9 and 10 are seriously unbearable when there's an EBR present.

The EBR 105 for how downright overpowered it is, but even the EBR 90 and 75 for their absurd mix of speed, camo and gun handling.

And then there's the salt in the wounds in the form of high-pen HE. Why? Just WHY the fuck did they need to get high pen HE?!

They change the flow of the game, for the worse, they completely break maps. Prokhorovka, for instance, can be one of the most fun and intense maps at high tiers, even with 1 arty per team. Yet it's torn apart by a single wheeled shit. Immediately everyone retracts back to the redline.

You can't expect randoms to coordinately take down a tank flying by at nearly 100 km/h.

I can't even imagine the hell Ranked Battles must be right now, but as it stands, random battles themselves feel like a shit reward for reaching high tiers.

Why does there always have to be some cancerous game mechanic at high tiers, at any given time?


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