Most Brain Dead “Level 3” Daily Mission ?

Yes lets promote suicide scouting

Every time this daily mission comes up I have to wonder what War Gaming was thinking/smoking, as it just requires you to get to the enemy first, that's right folks, a mission that basically rewards suicide scouting.

Load up a low tier light and charge the enemy while zig zagging a bit to help throw off the enemy players already bad gun aim stats and mission done pretty much guaranteed.

Why is this at level 3 ?


I love that people seem to think I'm complaining that there is an easy mission, I personally love that there is basically a free mission.

I'm pointing out that WG in their infinite wisdom /s have produced a mission, a mission at a stage where all other missions are "relatively hard", that requires no skill, and actually encourages "bad" (banable even) in their eyes game play.

And the only suggestion I made towards them changing it was when someone did the same as a counter.


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