Most unpopular opinion about crew 2.0, let’s see the downvotes.

So WG is now receiving hate from community from every sides, some people hating update 1.13, some People hating bond turbo and then there are Clan Wars without Chief. But what I really don't understand why they're receiving hate is Crew 2.0

First of all, problems of current crew:
No Sixth Sense
50% and 75% crew
1/3 of skills and perks are useless
Crew members ( I started grinding T110E5 line week ago, I never saw something worse than members of tanks of this line, T1 Heavy, T29, M103 and even the top tier T110E5 has different amount and different types of crew members that's horrible)
So many skills and perks for Commander
After 4 or 5 skill getting new skills is extremely hard and long and the fact that you already have the most important skills and the other skills which you don't need that much are hardest to get doesn't make sense

So this is list of the problems of current crew but at the same time it's also list of all benefits of Crew 2.0, and there are even other benefits like Instructors, the fact that you can get 1 crew now on 3 vehicles and also even if you ended main progression of 80 levels you're still getting benefits, I just really don't know what's problem of this community, or I know?

2 main problems about this community:
Wargaming ( almost everything what Wargaming does is hated by community AND THAT'S A FACT
New things, changes and feature ( Older and Older the game gets, more people are saying that game was better back then, as a player from 2013, I can say it WASN'T, literally the best example is the new Field Modification, it's far from perfect but it's really interesting feature and no surprise, everyone hated it,
And another really REALLY good example is Equipment 2.0, everyone was hating it just because the old system was not bad, but it really was, and now? Almost everyone is fine with it, those which don't like it are playing with the old equipment which is just fine and everyone other is fine with it, we have new pieces of equipment like IRM, Turbo, Hardening or CVS and it really helped some tanks for example Batchat 25 t to improve their gameplay.

Ofc, don't get me wrong, Wargaming is far from doing good changes to the game especially for arty or Clan Wars and vehicles from there but I really like the changes or at least the concept of those changes, you still need to know it's just a sandbox and anything can be changed.

The problem is not just wargaming, it's also the community and if those sides are not going to respect each other, community respecting WG at least for the fact that they created this game, and Wargaming respect community for the fact that we're playing the game.

Ofc there are some problems with Crew 2.0 and that' s a fact but like I said before, anything can be changed, for example if you're training the crew for another vehicle, the cost of less losing skill points is 500 000 credits which is extremely expensive it should be 200 000, in the worst case scenario 300 000, but yeah it's still worth it for not having 90% and less crews.

Thx for reading and hopefully it's not going to be most downvoted post ever on this subreddit, please tell me your feedback but I currently know the most of comments are going to be about : ThEy jUsT CoUlD cHaNgE CuRrEnT sYsTeM aNd iT wOuLd bE FiNe or iT's gOiNg tO bReAk tHe GaMe aNd eVeN mOrE tAnKs aRe gOiNg tO bE bRoKeN.


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