Moved from Blitz to PC and…WOW

Following my question post a while back and after some very useful advice, I finally moved from WoT Blitz to PC and, woooow, the game feels sooo different! battlefields feel so much more alive and the maps are sooo big! I thought that with my 15k games in blitz I'd have some "advantage" but no! Kept dying left and right because of my own recklessness and my non existant map knowledge! I'm having an absolute blast though, the game is very pretty and I like the emphasize on team work. I still have trouble understanding the crew system and all but it'll come eventually, atm I'm working my way through two lines that caught my interest, the swedish TDs and the Russian double barreled heavies, with a Churchill III to help balance my credit pool.

But yeah, you guys were 100% right, the game feels so much more complex and unforgiving compared to Blitz, though it makes each battle feel different and intense so I really like it so far, so I'd like to thank you all for the very useful tips you gave me a while back!


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