Multiple loadouts

With the introduction of Steel Hunter and the tank "evolution" mechanic, do you think WG would be able (or willing) to introduce multiple loadouts selectable during countdown*? *Edit – for standard gamemodes

I'm just thinking of tanks like the T49/Sheridan which have 2 drastically different playstyles, with the 152/90 or 152/105

So for example, you spawn on Campinovka with your T49 and select your 90mm loadout, with vents/optics/vstab, or maybe you spawn on Himmelsderp and select the 152 with vents/rammer/vstab (Although everyone knows you should run the 152 regardless, but it's probably the most drastic difference I can think of)

You could also tailor ammo loadouts to select depending on mm – landed in a +2 game with a lot of HTs? Select a loadout with more AP/prem ammo. Land as top tier with a lot of paper tanks? Select an ammo loadout with a little extra HE and less prem ammo

Obviously any selections would have to be premade using modules/equipment already researched and purchased, and could only be changed during the 30 second countdown (Which is too long as it is, so would make use of the time)

I suppose it would be a way of tailoring your tank to the map/mm to maximise your impact on that game

Maybe give 3 loadouts as standard and add a 4th as an extra bonus to buyers of prem time?

Just a thought


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