My baby, the E100, still needs some love

The update containing the E100 and IS-4 buffs is still not out yet, which means it's time for me to shout into the void about how the armour buffs, while great, arent going to be enough

Yeah, making the turret made of less paper is great. Don't get me wrong, great change. What isn't great, is that every other heavy tank in the game at T10 has better penetration on their standard rounds. Even the Maus is dead even, and that thing is fucking notorious for needing APCR to be viable.

My solution? Simple, really. The way I see it there are two options. One is to give more option to aiming for weak spots, by basically giving the E100 the Pz.Kpfw VII gun. Better overall handling, and better penetration.
Option 2 is to go full-on "fuck you" and give the E100 the Jgpz. E100 17cm gun. This grants massively higher penetration and damage, at the cost of a lengthy reload and even worse gun handling. This would bring into question the usefulness of the Jgpz. E100 as well, so option 1 is probs better. I just want to be able to actually shoot things in return fire, without having to expose my fragile yet wide lower plate.

This is more of a "hey this would be cool" thing. I don't expect these changes, mostly because WG are already buffing the tank's armour. I appreaciate it, but my bruiser-style tank combat is now more than ever "Lemme just soak up that damage for ya real quick"


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