My experience and thoughts on team clash (Team TragicLoss)

Alright so I finished Team Clash the other day and wanted to go over what I think of the event, both as a whole and specifically as a member of the NA server.

Team Clash as a whole:

I actually really enjoy this game mode, I think of it as tier 10 without a lot of the downsides of tier 10, and heres why I think that.

1: Almost no artillery: You will rarely ever see artillery in this game mode, and when you do there is only one and they are basically dead weight cause they are usually the first to die when someone slips through the lines and flanks. This game mode is also a perfect counter arguement to people who say artillery is a nessesary evil, as this game mode is not only fun but consistently more enjoyable because of the lack of artillery.

  1. Smaller teams: The 7v7 format means that maps often get played differently from normal, and honestly it's a breath of fresh air. On top of that you feel your influence over the outcome a lot more, if you take out a tank early game that's big.

  2. No reward tanks: Now I don't actually have a problem dealing with reward tanks in randoms (though I might just be biased as I do own a 907), but I know a lot of people do and they will enjoy the fact that reward tanks are not allowed.

4: Experimentation: Maybe it's just me but I've found I can experiment a lot more with different stratergies and even out of meta tanks in this game mode while still having fun and being effective.

Team Clash NA experience:

Now i'm gonna be the first to say the team selection is quite disappointing on NA, I would of 100% prefered if we just got EU commanders since they are who NA players typically watch anyway, but I guess war gaming will never actually listen to that desire so I digress.I picked team Tragic Loss for this event, as she was the only commander that interested me, I don't know cabmech very well, and the other is well… Yeah… I know a lot of people picked her just cause she's winning due to just sheer numbers, but that's kind of a stupid reason to pick someone, you should pick who you like the most not who will start off will more stuff, as you can get the other commanders up to the same point as well, plus you won't have the downside of not liking the voice lines.

I have experienced a lot of up sides from picking team tragic loss, namely que times are non-existent, but as well as that, and not to be too much of a dick but, cmdr_af teams are often extremely bad, meaning winning is extremely easy, I swear an almost 80% win rate throughout this entire event, maybe because I was also platooning with friends, but I believe it was more than just that. Even when we were all dicking about in terrible tanks intentionally just doing meme plays we'd often win 7-0.

Overall this event has been quite fun and i'd recommend it to everyone, it's just a bit of a shame wg dicked over our server again.


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