My FAVORITE part of this game (that’s sarcasm, I’m here to whine and complain)

Be me, on Studzianki in my 777, hulled down behind the concrete platforms in the rail station because it’s one of the few tanks short enough to hide the hull there.

Ping: like 80-90, not really amazing but tbh not particularly laggy.

I decide to push up because the enemy has yet to make a showing almost three minutes into the battle

Ping: 500+ in the blink of an eye

Enemy team: three different TDS shoot me at once, which is understandable except the fact the only reason they could shoot me is because my ping somehow managed to put my tank in the middle of the tracks

It just pisses me off to no fucking end, it’s like I have no lag whatsoever but the moment I get within 300m of an enemy I might as well be playing with a fucking blindfold because o have no idea where I am, or they are.

Bonus fun fact for anyone who read my whinging: the Muzzle Break of the 777 II is very clearly just bolted to the end of the gun, unlike most muzzle breaks in the game


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