My Frontline Guide

As the last episode of the Frontlines-gamemode got released today , I decided to put together some basic tips for all the players new to this gamemode.

Overall a game of Frontlines is split into 3 different phases, which all require different playstyles and tanks. I will try to give some information about each of them.

Phase 1 – initial attack/defense

In this phase everybody just spawned and nobody has access to their field reserves yet. The main objective is to push the closest 3 spots as quickly as possible or defend them at all costs. I advise you to pick a tank with heavy armor as you will be under heavy fire by the approaching tanks. On most objectives there are 1 or 2 blind spots, onto which the defending players can't open fire without exposing themselves. You have to try and reach them at all costs, because once the initial momentum dies down and all the defending positions are held by enemies, it gets exponentially more difficult to capture a zone. If you die, respawn in any Medium that fits your liking. All of them are viable in Frontlines. If you start on the defending site, try to find a flank that has some cover and an open line of fire onto the objective. Decapping gets you the most points during this phase of the game. As field reserves are available and the game evolves into a trench warfare, you enter phase 2.

Phase 2 – trench warfare

This phase is way less dynamic than phase 1 or 3. All tanks have their positions and pushing a flank on your own will almost always result in certain death. During this time of a match you should be playing as a medium tank; they allow for fast relocation and offer great DPM to farm damage. Find a spot to either scout for your teammates or to do damage yourself and wait for your opportunity to push a zone. As soon as the enemy spots you, either by tank or scouting plane, relocate! The enemy airstrikes almost always come along with scouting planes. Also don't waste your field reserves to kill that one annoying EBR, but hold onto them until you can make an impact on either defending or attacking the other objectives as again: OBJECTIVES GIVE THE MOST POINTS. As soon as the secondary objectives are captured, you advance to the last phase, where the main goal of the attacking team is to destroy the main objectives.

Phase 3 – main objectives

In this phase don't play slow tanks. The game gets way too dynamic to be sitting in a T95 going 20 kmph. Your main goal is to find enemies and farm the ever living shit out of them. I would advice you to play paper meds with great DPM or LTs. As a med you just find a good farming position and shoot everything that moves. As a LT you have to primarily spot targets in the open. Both maps have a very open endzone, with very little cover around the 5 objectives, so you can easily spot enemies and get them killed. As attacker you should play like you did in Phase 2. Don't rush things and wait for your mates to attack a spot together.

In the following I will give some tips as to which tanks to play and what reserves to use, aswell as some tips about the gamemode in general.

– Frontline is not about winning with your team, it's about you getting to General. If your teammates do something stupid like giving up an advantageous position just to win that one objective a bit faster, don't commit and farm their spots.

– Use repair circles if needed but don't take too many risks trying to get to them as they are often either in the complete open or spotted by spy planes.

– Don't get frustrated if you don't get your desired rank early in the game. The deaper into the match, the better tanks you can play and the more XP you earn.

– Don't use reserves on every occasion as they are great tools to decap or to give you many points.

My recommended tanks:

Tier 8


Phase 1: IS3, 53TP, Defender, Caernarvon, Skoda T56, 703 II, Emil 1951, Emil I, Tiger II, 50 TP

Phase 2: Somua SM, Renegade, Patriot

Phase 3: -/-


all fast mediums are playable at all times (my favorites are Bourrasque, Progetto, Lorr. 40t,

Pz. 58)


Phase 1: TS5, T28

all Phases: Skorpion, KanJgdPz 105mm (MTs are way better though)


Phase 1: -/-

Phase 2+3: LT 432, HWK 30, M41, BC 12t, EBR 75 FL 10, Lynx 6×6

Tier 9


Phase 3: Conqueror, AE Phase 1, E75, T10


Phase 3: T54, Patton, Kunze Pz., Centurion 7/1, Kpz 50t, Skoda T 50, Standard B, T55A, Leopard

Char Futur 4, E50, Obj 430, BC 25 t AP, Type 61




Phase 3: Ru 251, T-54 lt., T49 (with stock gun), AMX 13 90, EBR 90


Very useful:

Artillery bombardment: Great for decapping and killing static targets (hulldown heavies etc.)

Inspiration: Gives you assisting points, when allies do damage within your range.

Scout plane: Gives assisting points and reveals enemies in strong positions.


Airstrike: Less damage than artillery and doesnt keep enemies tracked but able to hit enemies behind cover

Pioneer: Great in Phase 1, good in Phase 2 but useless in Phase 3

Minefield: Fun and very useful on fast tanks (EBR) as you have to be close to use it

Not good:

Guardian: Can be compensated by a good crew

Fog wall: Also makes yourself blind and only useful when pushing a flank alone (dont do that)

Field repairs: Sounds good, doesn't work against the flood of autoloaders as they just clip you anyways

For me following these simple steps results in getting a General in 9/10 games. Hope it helps you aswell 🙂

TLDR: Play meds and play objectives.


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