My idea for a Manticore buff (below)

I don’t have too long, so I’m gonna keep this quick. Currently the manticore is a decent scout, but is pretty poor in its combat ability. Here I have made some changes that I believe would make the manticore more competitive and also unique.

Gun elevation: 8 degrees -> 12 Degrees (I’m not sure how much you could increase the gun elevation without the model clipping, however I think 12 degrees is reasonable. Having low gun elevation is a reasonable thing for such a low profile tank)

Alpha damage: 390 -> 440 alpha (allows the tank to trade with other light tanks, and deal a decent amount of single shot damage)

Rate of fire: Stays the same, DPM improves due to alpha increase (up to 1966 DPM) Gives the tank a punchy gun, but keeps its low fire rate.

View range: 400 -> 410 (small buff to scouting, secures it as the best passive/stealth scout ingame)

Ammo Count: 20 -> 28 rounds ( 20 rounds isn’t enough, 28 should be enough too ensure you won’t run out, but will discourage people from just spamming shots into bushes etc..)

Concealment: already the best out of any non-wheeled light tank, doesn’t need to be changed.

Mobility: fine as it is, it does the job fine.

These changes give the manticore a niche, a stealthy, hard hitting light tank that can sneak into an area without being spotted, deal a decent hit to and enemy, while remaining concealed. It’s low DPM means that it still won’t be able to 1v1 other tanks easily, but with just under 2000 DPM it would be much closer. The added alpha allows it to trade hits with any other light tank.

Pros and cons of my buffed manticore:

Pros: hard hitting gun for an lt, good concealment, good view range, relatively fast, low profile, good gun depression (8).

Cons: low dpm, low fire rate, low HP, low gun elevation, mediocre accuracy, poor moving accuracy, low hull traverse, poor armour, only two crew.


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