My one week of MM with Borrat T8 (350 games)

Hello everyone,

I felt like sharing the results of one week of match making with my Tier 8 Borrat which represents 350 games on a basis of 50 games per day.

As you all know by now there are 4 main categories of Tier games:

  • Being Lower tier ( vs higher Tier, in my case vs T9 and T10)
  • same Tier ( everyone has the same Tier T8)
  • Being Top Tier ( vs lower Tier, VS T7 and T6)
  • Middle tier (vs higher and lower Tier, Vs T9 and T7).

A good sketch being better than a long speech, I give you the results to make your own conclusion.

Im not sure if they re different for everyone but it seemed consistent every day and on the long run. I could have added my wins and losses to these results but it wouldn't be representative of everyone's results.

Not sure what to prove here but thought it was a nice idea to share with everyone.


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