My Review of Homefront

I think this mode is a great idea if a lot of things were changed around…

  • The historical aspect they're trying to go for, starting off here this mode would make way more sense if we were playing German tanks fending off hordes of KV's, T-34's, M4's, Churchills.. etc. It's really what people want to play and dream of with all the Wehraboo posts about complaining about Tiger 1 being penetrated, and being honest Germany was on the defensive for a lot of the war, and I believe also out-numbered. It just makes way more sense and would make it at least a lot more fun considering YOU DON'T MAKE CREDITS OR EXPERIENCE from the mode!

(Small gripe but if this is suppose to be a historical accurate mode with tanks using their proper guns, why the heck is Tiger 1 using The L71???? It should be L56!)

  • The end game rewards in my eyes are a joke. While they are no doubt USEFUL, they're not credits or experience and why bother grinding for a single improved reload module when you could be grinding the normal game for the tank you want earning actual credits and experience… I don't feel they are worth the time at all to grind for losing most of the time because……..

  • Matchmaking is trash one level 3 gets put with a team full of level 1's. GG Nice loss! Going to get that end game 2.5% better reload equipment so much faster! /sarcasm

  • Some spawn protection would be nice

  • If we're gunna be fighting vehicles that have so much armor they can barely be penetrated by most tanks we use, then can we at least have them always spotted to better plan our defense. Too many times I see our scout role vehicles die almost instantly because they have no HP and get wrecked by the 240 alpha Tiger 1 using a gun it never used in real life, while we use guns that our tanks had in real life.

This mode is so backwards because the fact that we're defending against germans in my eyes does not work, and the lack of proper matchmaking makes balance absolute trash. On top of rewards that at the end of the day isn't all that great.

This mode could be awesome, but it's just so lack-luster and continual losses make it so not fun. Combined with the backwards ass design of Allies defending just doesn't work for me.


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