My Simple and Fair Crew Skill Rework Proposal

Instead of doing the overly complicated crew 2.0 as proposed by WG, why can't they do this:

  • Standardized 5 crew members on every tank, only in garage. Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Radio Operator
  • Crew in battle remains the same as now.
  • Tank skills (act as a 6th crew member) for general skills such as repair
  • Free 6th sense
  • More skills/perks
  • Allow us to reset crew into "Universal Crew XP" (Free XP but for crew only) for credits/gold or "crew reset kits", similar to Equipment 2.0
  • Purchases of tanks from premium shop will retroactively give extra crew members so we get 5 overall

This will simplify the system for new players by having 6 distinct categories, without hurting existing players. It will remove crews members that have 2+ roles, and separate general skills out, reducing the grind required. Allowing us to reset into Universal Crew XP will benefit everyone.

Edit: Crew in battle should remain the same as now. 5 Crew members is just an abstraction for crew training. Game mechanics would be more fair and transparent for progression, although less realistic. Just put an asterisk next to the role if they aren't actually going into combat, and a tool-tip that reads "non-combat personnel".


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