My thought on crew 2.0 and maybe ways to solve problems for WG

Okay this may not be a complete post because because I havent dive enough on 2.0

I will start saying that I somehow want it implemented even when I feel generally screw because of the variety it brings and for being something new and o God no 50/75 crews but I have some concerns that should maybe be focused so WG instead of trash the whole sistem due to player feedback, can implement it whit a neutral or positive vibes from players.

1º 0-skills crews. Its obvious that it hurt to not count their experience because at some point you have stopped playing normal crews to use those specials. You bought them, you grinded them and now your old Crew is more valuable, or would have been more valuable because you would have more exp grinded.

But I do get that if it counts towards exp, everybody would have massive crews and not just 1 crew but 3 crews + Prems and thats a big no too (for me at least) and WG lose too because you won't need to grind that much.

Maybe we can count half theirs free skills exp.

Or we can ignore that skill and start counting from the second (like now) BUT giving the exp that second skill should have and start counting from them (I mean your 1º skill is for example 10.000exp and your second is like 25.000, in a 0 skill crew your second skill cost 10.000exp like if it would have been the first one, in my way, we skip the 0 skill exp but treat the second skill like if it's a real second skill and the 3º one like the 3º one in terms of exp instead of been the second one in crew 2.0) that way high exp rewards crews would be still powerfull because you have worked on them. You will get your same crew but whit little less exp (relative to the 1st skill which isn't much)

2- Crews instructors. It's a pain that RNG decides your fate, but I do get why WG do this, because they would make more money selling more instructors to match the skills you want and I can't blame them, but player feedback was negative and I get it too, it can be a scam and your precious crews instructors would rot in the garage.

What I think we could do is that 3º class instructors get 1 skill point based on RNG (like now)
2º class instructor get the first points based on RNG and you can chose the second one.
3º class instructor recibe the first one bases on RNG and you can chose the second and 3º one.

That way we both lose, WG and players but we both win.

Players get part of what they want, being able to chose the skill he want (and I can tolerate to get one concealment skill in a heavy tank if at least I can put on skill point in for example quick turning, that actually matches what I want so my Santa has an use)
And instructors becomes more valuables and profitable a for WG since class 2 and 3 would be required if you wanna truly maximize your tank the way you like (not if you are just lucky) so you can actually aim for it not just give up because you know you would get screw.
It also add a lot of value to those instructor that we know are not easy to get and are limited, (at least the 2 and 3 class instructors) so it would be a good way to make people want them and either pay for them or grind them.

3- 75 skill points. I know the whole sistem is focused on new players and add variability to the game and crew builds but whit 75 points even if that's enough to fill your tank I always end up needing at least some more points or having a hard time placing my last skills points because you feel like you are gonna lose on something you don't wanna lose and also don't trying some skills because you obvious need others more so at the end variety is not found.

What I think is that every commander at 0lvl should come whit 5 skills points so in lvl 75 you have 80 points. It's not that much (because I fear monstrous builds and I wanna be razonable) but it's more than enough to put some spare points here and there and try some skills or maybe being able to fully build your tank whit out a let down.At the end in every build I did I would have feel way more comfortable whit those 5 extra points.

The fact that you have it at lvl 0 commander is that new players can navigate and start looking at all skills to know where are they adding them and how they wanna build his tank, because because having 1 skill point per lvl would make it just eh I would put it here and keep playing, if they even notice they have 1 skill reached, + in tutorial you can force them to spend those points (please in something really usefull) so they are gonna get introduces in the way crew works and lvl up.

One + for WG? Maybe new player would fuck up those 5 skill points and at the end if they are interested enough in the game pretty sure they would wanna retrain that crew to get back those 5 skill points they messed up when they were new (and everybody have make mistakes when he was noob and just says hey I messed up this, not the game)

4- Multiple crews. By now we get a new crew 2.0 for every crew we have, seems reasonable, but what happen when I have a good crew on the is-3 on the obj-257 and on the is-7? And are the only russians heavys I play? Why if I enjoy them all and I have wasted recourses in training them up to be at least competitive (3 to 4 skills) in crew 1.0 now I will have 2 unusable crews and 1 mediocre crew? What if I used all those recourses in just 1 crew? That I would have a max crew in 2.0 so now I regret having grinded crews for tanks I like instead of focusing in just one crew.

I thing WG should implement one way to recicle those unusable crews and use their exp in others crew, maybe even losing half their total exp, what ever, but I don't want them rotting in my Barrancs and having to use one mediocre/to normal crew in those 3 tanks.
Maybe WG even could let us retrain those crews that are in tanks that follow the same tech tree line so it would be less painfully for WG to give us that option.

Aaaaaaand pretty sure I forgot something that I may add (or at least my opinion if somebody have something to say in comments)

I just wanna give razonable options to WG for not messing it up, pretty sure there are better aproachment but the more ideas WG developers get the better for find a solution

Cheers and sorry for long post and possibly bad English.


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