My WoT experience

Im not really sure to do this but here we go šŸ™‚

I started playing this game 2012, at this day I was 9 years old. My dad introduced me into that game, and I really started to like it. Back then, it only was driving into the enemy and suiciding (well what do you expect from a kid haha). Always playing behind the back of my mom, who didnt allowed it, I stood up at 3am to play some battles, till 6am (as a 4th grader). At this stage I had about 2k battles I think and this game really obsessed me, although I wasnt really good. Some years later, I got my own PC and started to play more regulary (still sneaky) and then about 4 years ago I just didnt care anymore, also then I was old enough šŸ™‚ This game really accompanied through the years, and slowly I started to care about my stats. I started watching videos, streams and built up knowledge. I still underperformed and asked good people to help me. I started playing more calmly, and took advantages out of the mistakes the enemy made. I stopped rushing and played the same tanks over and over again until I mastered them.

But it still wasnt enough, and still 2 months ago, with 12k battles and ebout 3-4k hours (or even more) play time, I was playing "bad". I came back from a ski camp and had to sit at home in quarantine. I started playing better, but I really got help from some good players, who guided me. My winrate, damage per game and so on went up, Im now at a session average of 9000 wtr avg, and Im really proud of that.

But playing this game can really be hell sometimes. Toxicity, bots and greed can ruin your day faster than you think. By now, its really sad, that there are still people at tier 6, tier 8 and even tier10, that dont know how to play. And I dont mean, being an Unicum or something like that, no, I mean are not paying any attention to the game. Nearly half the players of each team seems like doing something else while playing. Lemming trains, dumb rushing, suicide lights, afk arty, the list goes on.

Some people complain about op tanks and powercreep, and I can agree. But besides that, the game can still be fun. If you can play your tank. But I know people that just want to get the better tank, play, die, play, die. The entire day. There are people with 50 wn8 on tier 8 playing tech tree tanks. (Not to mention the Skorpion G players with 0 experience)

You dont have to be a nerd or what do I know to get good at the game, but these people really make me furious. 10 people pushing a flank and just dying on t8 is just a shame. (Thats why I would like to see a skill-based matchmaking, to sort out all the bots).

Also, people wont agree to play lower tier tanks, because "lower tier tanks are bad". So they resome to play their defender, isu etc. and being an obstacle fo their team.

I dont want this to be a hate thread. I was one of these players for WAY too long. If you install xvm, you see mostly red players on each team, and I think thats a shame. I dont want to blame the players, I dont call them noobs etc. I think the problem is somewhere else, but I cant find it. Maybe the map design? The acces to higher tier tanks too early? But there are Players with 50k battles, and an avg winrate of 45%… And these people know the game, they know the mechanics, and I doubt that they are bad!

*So, do you really need to pass that one line of knowing the game, and selling your soul to wargaming?*

If so, I already sold mine and there is no return… I wanted to quit this game so many times, came back every time… well…

To end this, I want to ask you: what is your experience about this game? What do you think about powercreep, "underperforming" players and maps?

My WN8 rating

I dont want to boast with my stats, or my skill, because I am not a Unicum, Im not a god or whatever, It's just the game Im playing since my childhood and I really enjoy. And now I finally managed it to excel and be proud of myself.


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