[NA] Account boosting?

Hi all, so I'm making this post because it really piqued my curiosity as well as a friend of mine's when after playing a 279e on the enemy team, we looked at his stats and saw this: An experienced player with 23k battles but a 49.4% wnr who seemingly managed to complete one of the hardest set of missions. Now with 23k battles you get 23k chances of completing all the campaign missions of course, as Jinggles would say "if you throw enough shit at the wall, some of it might stick".

Still, it seems VERY odd that a player who only manages to score 66% of the mark of excellence on a tank with 1.4k battles, 60% on a Obj140 with 550 battles (that's less than 2.4k combined per battle) etc etc would somehow manage to complete the 2nd campaign.

When I had a look at the clan profile, most players had similar stats except for a one or two who were clearly well above average, one of whom has managed to 3 mark tanks such as the 57 heavy, patton, e50m within 100 battles (even an IS7 within 63 games). My question to you, the wot community is what is your opinion on this subject? Do you think the 279e player we found might have had someone boost his account through the missions to get the 279e? Am I reading too much into it? This isn't the first time that NA players rig/boost accounts as u/TRU_voodoo has exposed several cases especially with Chieftain MoE rigging.

As a last note, I would like to mention this, there is a third clan member who my friend pointed out who has a 3rd marked progetto 46 but who somehow <1k average combined on a tier 9 T-10. This smells of either someone who abandoned the tank early and got really good or who boosts for marks. I haven't checked many more people but it's worth the look. I've messaged the clan commander, the main player in question as well as the very high skill player, all of whom are Commander, Combat Officer and Executive Officer respectively about whether or not they boost accounts or how they got the 279e but none have messaged back.

Thank you for your time and I apologize for the wall of text, but I would rather put in context and show I have done research over throwing accusations without any basis.

Main player: Stats of the guy who questionably got 279e

Main player: His most played tank with 1.45k battles only has 66% MoE?

Main player: He must average <2.4k COMBINED over 550 battles (NA MoE)

Main player: His 279e stats are nothing to shine about considering how dumb broken the tank is

Possible booster within clan: I mean the guy is a god, you can't deny that. He's a reroll but I couldn't care less for his old stats, the guy is clearly really good

Clan player 3: Has 3 marks on Spaghetto apparently ok I guess?

Clan Player 3: How do you average this but get 3 marks on progetto?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/o3chns/na_account_boosting/

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