NA vs EU, what’s your experience?

basically as the title says, i ask this question because it popped into my head tonight

I hopped on, played 6-7 battles, 5 of which were 10+ to nothing, roughly 5 minute long matches where we just got decimated, round after round, with seemingly no effect on the opposition.

I’m not complaining, just stating my experience this evening, and it led to me thinking-

Are the waters over on the EU server any better? Does this also happen often?

I ask this, because I like to, in the endgame battle stats, check players win rates (I see QB do it sometimes to I like to check the WR of the top players) and they are generally, in my experience rather lies in comparison to the ones I see on EU players streams and such.

Am I just plain wrong or have the wrong idea? What’s your personal experience between the two?

tl;dr- I notice a lot lower WR% in comparison to the EU players I see, on streams and such. And gameplay generally seems better on EU. What’s your opinion?


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