Need a little guidance

Hello all! I've finally decided to drop some money in-game for a premium tank as I've never done it before. Question is, if you could buy ANY premium tank in-game as of right now, what would it be and why? I enjoy TDs and Heavies for the most part. Could it be buying one tank for $50? the starter pack for $100? Let me know gents, thanks!

EDIT: I will say the 46 tank bundle is out. Can't see myself spending $300 on one game. Also, I do have premium if that's any of your suggestions.

EDIT 2: Thank you all so much for the help. After insane amounts of YouTube videos and Clan conversations I made my decisions on the tanks I’m buying.
For TD: Skorpion
Medium: Progetto 46
Heavy: Defender & 703 II (only because defender is available right now)

Of course, you can still leave your criticism or your opinion, I’m 99.9% positive these won’t be the only 4 tanks I buy.


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