Need advice on how to play Wheelie Bois.

Finally decided to start down the wheeled vehicle line after the patch, and I am struggling. I love light tanks and have generally done fairly well at both active and passive scouting, but with these wheeled tanks I am trash, like sub 1k combined trash.My biggest issue would be the terrible vision. So many spots or scouting methods I am used to using with my high view range scouts obviously don't work now that I am sitting at sub-350. I have never been one to suiscout (preferring to live until the end of the game where vision becomes even more important), so the idea of yoloing into the enemy line is very unappealing and the few times I tried it I died immediately. But I am lost on what to do early game and not sure how to deal with enemy lights since they easily outspot me. And in games with my own lights I often feel redundant as they take all the spotting.

I am currently at the EBR Hotch. (skipped the tier 6 garbo after 2 games) and trying to learn how to use it effectively before moving up the line. I am running Vents, Optics, and Rammer (will replace with the -bush camo once higher tier) with 100% BIA crew, and top configuration. After finally having three decent games, I have come to the conclusion that these vehicles are more of a late game scout, really shining once the enemy lights have died. However, I want to see if there is a better way to play before I teach myself bad habits.

I have been watching videos from Taugrim, TruVoodoo, and Skill4ltu but they are all from back when the tanks were first released and things have changed a bit since then with map updates, new equipment, and nerfs so wanted to see if any professional Ferrari drivers could provide input or if there are any recommended videos to watch. I recognize these are a high skill vehicle which just makes me want to play them even more. Also shoutout to TruVoodoo's driving tips video from before the line was even dropped; learning I can use A and D to do tight turns has been super helpful.

TL;DR: Am tomato wheelie, how do I deal with:
* Early Game?
* Mid Game?
* Enemy Lights?
* Teammate Lights?
* City Map?
* Recommended Equipment?


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