Need Extra Credits for the upcoming Christmas? In 5 minutes you could get 1,000,000 Credits

Upfront Statement. Depending on how long you have been playing and the events you participate in your results may vary. But checking out these tips can get you lots of Credits before the Christmas Events.

  1. Sell your Manual Fire Extinguishers. That's right, all of them. There is no reason you should ever bee running manual over automatic. Automatic gives you a -10% chance in fire reduction automatically. On top it allows for only 1 click of damage. This in itself is well worth saving your tanks HP to keep fighting in battle to get more Credits.
  2. Sell your emblems for 10,000 Credits Each.
    1. How often do you actually place custom emblems? Not that often. Well head into your Exterior Tab –> Select In Depot Filter and try and sell all the emblems you don't use for 10k each
  3. Sell old modules you upgraded from.
    1. Go to "DEPOT" –> "Modules" and sell all the old modules from tanks you upgraded. Keep in mind some old lines do share some guns and radios. But if you fully purchased and upgraded a line there is no reason to hold onto a lower tier gun.
  4. Sell old shells you don't use.
    1. Go to "DEPOT" –> "Shells" Sell

Hopefully these quick tips can help you out!


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