Need help Re: Spending my War Bonds

A bit of context on the thread title:

Currently have nearly 8,000 War bonds on my account, thus allowing me to buy some Tier-8 Premiums. In a bind right now since I could not decide which tank to spend them on.

For the record, these are the tanks that cost 8000 bonds:

  • AMX M4 mle.49 Liberte

  • IS-6 Black

  • T26E5 Patriot

  • Chrysler K GF (aka the infamous Foch Special)

  • STG Guard

  • M46 Patton KR

  • Panzer 58 Mutz

  • FV201 (A45)

So far, I've got specialized crews for American and Russian Heavies, and American, German and Russian Mediums. Though I'm not limiting my skill set to them by any means (which is probably why I still have yet to get a Tier-X…)

Any decent and civil advice would help on the matter. Thanks.


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