Need some advice on Tiger (P)


I'm a resonable experienced player trying to 2 mark (MoE) and get the winrate up to 50% on the Tier 7 Heavy tank Tiger (P) but i fail miserably with the winrate and I don't know what to do/how to play…

Now I'm lingering at MoE 88-91% & WN8 1800 the last 90 games but the winrate is down the drain with 45,5% in these games!!!

I play it with vents, optics & rammer -viewrange helps with MoE but it might be wrong for winrate???

(Started with vents, rotational & turbo but it didn't work so well.)

Tries to get early shot, blind-fires some bushes if it is dull (lots of ammo) and play semioffensive if top tier against T5-6 otherwise second line and if bottom-tier I'm more of a sniper in 3rd line…

Any clues in this (

And I'm a bit puzzled about the average values for the tank. Se below: expected values

The values are quite different…

Any tips to get my winrate up or is it just to keep on playing and I will get what I deserve?

I play f2p noways with standard acount, no food or directive and fires more or less no gold (good std pen).


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