Nerfing Wheeled Vehicles

I feel like the nerfs to wheeled vehicles isn't going to do anything meaningful. Lowering transitional performance only when damaged is treating a symptom, not the root cause of the problem.

  • Wheeled vehicles are just too damn fast and agile. Trying to hit one making hairpin turns at any distance other than point blank is infuriating unless you are in something like an STRV
  • Handling is completely unrealistic; regardless if you have 4 or 16 wheels, you can't be going 100 kph and make a hairpin turn, you will completely lose grip of the terrain and likely skid, horribly, even more so on offroad terrain
  • Making and landing jumps unharmed that would make Starsky and Hutch blush. Your talking about vehicles that weigh like 5 times more than the average car, landing 10-15 feet jumps unharmed.

Wheeled vehicles have none of the risks of moving at high-speed on off-road terrain, and all of the benefits. Obviously however, implementing realistic vehicle performance like that seen in games like Dirt and etc. wouldn't be practical for World of Tanks, but that doesn't mean other alternatives couldn't be met:

  • Wheeled vehicles could be tuned to have turning rates that could be safely maintained when traveling at a that speed in real life. The slower you go, the higher the turning rates, and vice versa
    • I.e, turning rates at top speed would be much lower than currently shown in game
  • Deceleration on off road terrain should be significantly lowered.

I feel like once these two changes are made, wheeled vehicles would have to make careful deliberations about their speed. If you go top speed you become a bullet magnet that can't easily turn, but it will be useful to quickly get into an advanced spotting position or to get out of Dodge. By having the lower deceleration, you can't just abuse the system by going full speed and instantly slowing to the threshold necessary to turn.

Just a few ideas I had.


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