New ammo rebalance also for HE ammo

With the new upcoming ammo rebalance and HP changes, maybe it would be a good idea to have HE ammo affected like premium ammo. In my personal experience premium ammo gets used only in very limited situations:

-Low tiers where armor is so low that HE can pen reliably. Often abused to sealclub (myself included honestly)

-Heavily armoured tanks that can afford a long engagement time with reliable but small damage

-Wheeled vehicles that abuse the high alpha and pen against light tanks or other low armoured vehicles they likely encounter
-Against tanks that sidescrape to basically make that gameplay style very unsuccessful
-(Leaving out arty because that is certainly unfun, but I don't know how the changes I suggest would affect the class)

Naming these situations I honestly can't see why HE ammo shouldn't be nerfed in damage.

Assuming HE ammo would get it's damaged reduced, you wouldn't be able to straight up oneshot enemies with low aromour (but still heavily damage them). If you encountered a heavy tank then you would do close to no damage like it should be, you should use prem ammo in that case. If your opponent is side scraping you can't say "f- you" and spam HE to prema-track and deal damage at the same time.
I understand there may be some tanks that rely on HE damage, but those few can handpicked and balanced independently.

I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter and maybe correct me if I made wrong assumptions.

TL:DR – I think HE ammo should get a damage nerf to make it fair and more suiting to it's specialized gameplay style


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